Web & Print Design


pampaPress (formerly InFocus) is the Jorge Ihlenfeld study of graphic and web design. Combining the tools of graphic, audiovisual and electronic media, offers integral or specific brands and all types of clients. Over 20 years in the market has led us to evolve in every aspect having to do with the process of communication, and transforming them into a single component that works holistically when making any type of linked to the development project, presentation, promotion and application of a brand or service.

This way of conceiving our business allows us to work across areas as defined as corporate identity, editorial and graphic design, art direction, multimedia development and web parts .
In our portfolio, we present different works examples (performed with teams in some cases), illustrating some of the services we can provide pampaPress, but only serve as an illustration when you consider that each case required brand or project has always a one-off decision.